Open Access to Publications and Open Research Data

University of Ljubljana, Assembly Hall, Kongresni trg 12, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 24 and 25 September 2014

The University of Ljubljana has carried out three trainings under the FOSTER umbrella – for Slovenian decision makers in science, for the researchers of the University of Ljubljana and for the librarians of the University of Ljubljana. European open access policies and infrastructures for peer reviewed publications and research data were presented at the three events, together with the relevant activities in Slovenia.

In total, 68 participants attended the events. They were very pleased with the presentations and have reported gaining good overview about open access in Horizon 2020 and anticipated national policies with a lot of useful information on compliance. The participants will transmit the knowledge to their peers and co-workers. It is planned that with the assistance of the OpenAIRE National Open Access Desk presentations on open access in Horizon 2020 and ways to comply will be multiplied at individual faculties and academies of the University of Ljubljana.

Presentations are available at

2014-09-24 25 Lju 2

The Vice-rector of the University of Ljubljana Prof Dr Martin Čopič stressed the importance of open access to the results of publicly funded research





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Dr Remedios Melero explaining that research organisations enable access to the intellectual production of their researchers through the repositories, which at the same time means compliance with the funder’s open access mandates


Researchers of the University of Ljubljana getting acquainted on how to comply with the European Commission open access policy for publications and research data while librarians familiarizing themselves on how to support them therein

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The FOSTER expert Dr Remedios Melero from the Spanish National Research Council has also met with the Open Access Working Group at the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport. At the meeting she presented the Spanish experiences with the introduction of open access into the legislation as well as the practical implementation aspects. She advised the Working Group on how to reach the alignment of EU Member State’s national open access policies with the Horizon 2020 open access policy and to follow the Commission Recommendation from 17. 7. 2012 on access to and preservation of scientific information.

2014-09-24 25 Lju 1
Dr Remedios Melero discussing with the representatives from the Slovenian Research Agency Dr Marko Perdih and from the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport Dr Tomaž Boh, regarding implementation of recommendations for open access in EU Member States








Fotos: Željko Stevanič, IFP and Mojca Kotar