Rachael Ainsworth


I am a Research Associate in Radio Astronomy and Open Science Champion at the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, University of Manchester, UK. I observe jets from young stars with next-generation radio telescopes to investigate the physical processes that assemble stars like our Sun. I was an Open Project Lead in the Round 4 cohort of Mozilla Open Leaders, where I started a project to develop an open science how-to kit for astronomers to open up their research workflow from proposal to publication. I am now a mentor and cohort host in Round 5. I also organize a chapter of HER+Data in Manchester (@herplusdatamcr), a meetup group to bring together women who work with and love data - to support one another, inspire each other, share experiences and talk data. HER+Data MCR allows me to bridge the gap between academia and industry by connecting women across STEM fields. I am interested in community building and engagement, promoting openness, inclusivity and well-being in science and technology.

Language(s): English (EN)

Online Presence: https://twitter.com/rachaelevelyn

Institution: University of Manchester

Country: United Kingdom

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