This case study demonstrates that industry researchers can productively work with experts from the social sciences / humanities to integrate principles of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) into actual, on-going industrial innovation projects. The case presents the first example of collaborative, interdisciplinary and integrated innovation project management that is supported by an ICT tool with the aim of stimulating RRI. It is also the first case that presents both qualitative and quantitative data demonstrating enhanced socially responsible innovation with combined attention to technical, economic and social aspects.

The tool, in the form of an online innovation project support dashboard, helps researchers understand and appreciate ‘soft’ project aspects regarding communication and socio-ethical context as well as relevance, by measuring and visualising the impact of such aspects in relation to innovation project success. As such, the tool can be used to enable researchers to develop into more ‘reflective practitioners’ who take responsible innovation as a starting point rather than an add-on to technical innovation.


Authors: Steven Flipse
Publication year: 2018
Language: English (EN)
Level of knowledge: Intermediate: able to
Usage rights: CC BY