The project 'Network of collaboration between Europe and Latin-American and the Caribbean countries' (NECOBELAC) was focused on public health and was part of the global commitment to abate barriers limiting the free circulation and proper use of scientific information. The project aimed to spread know-how in scientific writing and open access (OA) publishing models in European and Latin-American academic and research institutions. The main objective was to create a network of institutions to enhance the production and dissemination of quality scientific information in the field of public health, through a specific training strategy addressed to different stakeholders. A guide for trainers was realised at the beginning of the project training activity in the four project languages to be used by new NECOBELAC trainers in their training replication activity at local level as well as for those who have specific interests in the project training strategy and contents. The guide contains specific information on the two-level training strategy (courses for trainers and training replication at local level), the training tools (topic maps), and the training modules related to scientific publication and OA both including issues for discussion and suggested online resources. English. Other languages available (but not linked here).


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Authors: NECOBELAC Partners
Publication year: 2011
Language: English (EN)
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