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Get to know the university’s experts on publishing, data management and legal issues at an open marketplace and ask your questions! See how we can help you make your research visible.

As part of the international Open Access Week you can watch the brand new movie “Paywall - The business of Scholarship”.

24th October 2018, 4:15pm Historical Building of Göttingen State and University Library.

The movie will be screened from 5-6pm, before and afterwards you have the chance to meet the University’s experts.


24. October, 4:15pm, Foyer Historical Building, 1. Floor & Alfred-Hessel Saal




Meet the experts marketplace

4:15 pm

“Ask me about” tables


5-5:10 pm



65 min


6:15 pm

Some time for questions to editor Sven Bradler, GOSSIP & SUB

Get together with snacks & drinks

6:30 - 7:30 pm

“Ask me about” tables,

Snacks & drinks


Ask me about… Meet the experts marketplace

  1. Legal issues (Michael Ernst)

  2. Publishing at UGOE (Univerlag), UGOE Publikationsfonds + Repositorium GoeScholar (Sabine Witt)

  3. OS (Open Science Meet Up) (Julika Mimkes)

  4. FOSTER (Helene Brinken)

  5. RDM (eRA, Timo Gnadt) / (RDA, Daniel Bangert)

  6. DARIAH DE (Mirjam Blümm)

  7. GOSSIP (Louisa Kulke)

  8. OpenAIRE & EOSC (Ilaria Fava)

  9. *metrics (Martin Fehrensen)

  10. GFbio (Franziska Helbing)


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Organisers: FOSTER project
Language: english


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