The goal of this ‘train the trainer’ Humanities Open Access event has three parts. First, to set a base level of knowledge and mutual understanding around the topic, the actors, and the tools and methods available. Secondly, to understand the specific challenges to training humanities researchers, as well as the specific issues and challenges faced by humanists. Thirdly, to imagine future collaborations, and a recurring programme of events and activities to enable them. This initiative arises from a collaboration between DARIAH, the Open Library of Humanities (OLH), EIFL, and FOSTER Open Science. It will consist of a series of talks establishing the context for humanities open access, the tools and resources available and their attendant issues, and the platforms and funding models that have the potential to deliver fee free, equitable and gold open access for humanists. Finally, we will end with a question and answer session and a discussion of further activities.

Introduction (13:00 - 13:10)

James Smith

How does DARIAH support OA? (13:10 - 13:30)

Erzsébet Tóth-Czifra

Deborah Thorpe

Open Library of Humanities (13:30-13:40)

Paula Clemente Vega

Wrap-up (13:40-13:45)

Questions/Discussion (13:45-14:00)



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Organisers: FOSTER, Open Library of Humanities, EIFL, DARIAH
Language: English


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