Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)  aims at aligning R&I outcomes with the values of society. It is a wide umbrella connecting different aspects of the relationship between R&I and society: public engagement, open access, gender equality, science education, ethics, and governance. Companies can apply and support RRI, maintain public trust in industry and align their RRI work with Open Science. 


Upon completing this course, you will: 

  • Understand the importance of applying RRI in companies
  • Choose tools to implement RRI in companies, even through a real case (ISQ)
  • Understand the drivers and barriers to RRI in companies
  • Familiarise yourself with how companies can become principle driven and ethically sound. 
  • Understand why and how RRI is different from CSR

If you are unfamiliar with the RRI concept and to better understand the RRI concept in this course, refer to the Introduction to RRI course first.