An archive of webinars (session recordings) and materials (speaker's PPT) from the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (USA) on a vast range of topics, including Open Access:
- Open Access Week 2014 Webcast: “Erin McKiernan — Open Access: A Researchers’ View”
- “Talking to Authors in a World of Elsevier Takedowns and Open Access Mandates”
- “Open Access Megajournals – What You Need to Know About how This Model is Changing the World of Journal Publishing”
- “Creative Commons: Open Education, Open Access, and Librarians”
- “Review of Models for Open Access Monographs”
- “Open Access Week Chat with Peter Suber”
- “What is OATD?”
- ASERL 2013 Summertime Summit: “Liaison Roles in Open Access & Data Management: Equal Parts Inspiration & Perspiration”
- Webinar: “Introduction to Open Access” / Summit Online Pre-Conference #1
- Webinar: ‘Independent Voices’ from Reveal Digital — A New Model for Open Access Digital Collections

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