Open science trainer’s corner

Do you organise Open Science trainings yourself or are planning to do so? On this page you can find a set of materials that offer some inspiration or help you to get started in the first place. Take a look and adapt or re-use the resources for your own trainings.

Book illustrationThe Open Science Training Handbook

This handbook, with translations in several languages, brings together methods, techniques and practices, to support educators of Open Science to create high quality and engaging training. It is available under Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0 1.0 Universal) so you do not have to ask our permission to re-use and copy information from this handbook.

  • Access the Open Science training handbook here.


Motivation - demotivation cartoon Illustrations, icons & cartoons


During the book sprint the artist Patrick Hochstenbach draw more than 100 icons and cartoons to illustrate the Open Science training handbook. They are now for you  available under Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0 1.0 Universal) to re-use freely.

  • Download the large set of small icons such as a book, coffee, researcher, megaphone etc. here:  Large ZIP archive of PNG graphics (1.5Mb)
  • Download the 16 cartoons, e.g. fundamental rules of open science here: ZIP archive of 16 PNG illustrations (15Mb)


giving a presentationOpen Science standard presentations 

We created two standard power-point presentations to explain the benefits of Open Science and define the term. Feel free to download and re-use them in your own workshops:


laptopOpen Science training courses

Are you creating online courses about Open Science?

  • Re-use our existing online courses when designing your own. You can export them into SCORM and integrate them in any learning management system.


laptopOpen Science videos

Would you like to learn more,include videos in your presentations or share them with other people? Find videos about Open Science on our YouTube channel Find videos about Open Science on our YouTube channel.


magnifying glassOpen Science Taxonomies

To define terms is not always easy. You can download our taxonomies and use them in your presentations:


speaking personOpen Science trainer

Are you organising an event about Open Science and are looking for a speaker? Register in the trainers directory or search there to find relevant contacts.


paper and penProject results and papers

Would you like to read more about Open Science topics and the FOSTER activities?

  • Find more project results and the papers we published in our Zenodo community


megaphoneFOSTER advocacy and dissemination materials

Would you like to promote FOSTER training resources or courses? Link to us on your website or download our advocacy materials for print.

  • Right-click an image and select "Save as..." to get your own local copy of our advocacy stickers

But first cupI live open science stickerThe future of science is open sticker

FOSTER Button   FOSTER website bannerOSTH Banner

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