The Horizon 2020 Open Research Data pilot | FOSTER

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A course for researchers, research support staff and project officers.

Learning objectives:
1. Understand what is required of participants in the H2020 Open Research Data pilot
2. Learn about the concepts of open data, metadata, licensing and repositories
3. Identify key resources and services that can help you to comply with requirements
4. Undertake short tests to check your understanding

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This lesson will help you get a basic understanding of the Open Research Data pilot in Horizon 2020. You will learn about why the European Commission is interested in open science and hear about the specific requirements for participants.

This lesson will introduce you to data management concepts and services to help you comply with the EC requirements.


I am having a problem accessing the course. Is there a technical issue I'm not aware of?

Yes I am experiencing the same issue

I've also had problems accessing content since yesterday.

Hi all

Sorry I hadn't spotted these comments earlier.

I noticed yesterday that the videos aren't loading / playing. I just get a blank screen. I assume that's the same problem you're all having? You should still be able to access the slides, documents and quizzes.

I've raised this with the technical team so will hopefully have it resolved soon.

All best


Hi Sarah,

Thanks for working to resolve to video problem, that's exactly the problem I've been having. All other materials work fine.

Best wishes, Niels

Hi all

The video bug has been fixed so you should be able to access all the materials now. If you experience any other issues, just let us know.

Remember you can also raise general questions about the course or what applies under H2020 in the forum too. We're happy to advise.

All best


Thanks Sarah, all good for me now!

Best wishes, Niels

I can not read the videos neither. Is there a technical problem again, or does it come from my browser?

I am still having issues opening any of the videos. I just get a white screen.
I did find a few weeks ago that if I tabbed through the page, the links did work, but now they have stopped again.

Kind regards

Hi Michelle,
Sorry for this, the videos are visible again now.

Thanks for the feedback!