Research Data Management

Research Data management comprises the disciplines related to managing research data as a valuable resource. These can include, but are not limited to, research data governance, security and quality.


By  Marjan Grootveld
Publication year: 2018  |  Research Data Management  |  Open Repositories
Michalis Tzatzanis (NCP Academy), Sarah Jones & Ivo Grigorov (FOSTER+)
Universidade do Minho, Secretaria de Estado da Ciência, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior, FCT-FCCN – Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia
Instituto Politécnico de Castelo Branco, portugal
Associação Portuguesa de Bibliotecários, Arquivistas e Documentalistas
Pavilhão Multiusos, Fundão
24.10.2018 - 26.10.2018
20.08.2018 - 21.08.2018
20.08.2018 - 21.08.2018
17.09.2018 - 20.09.2018
Intended audience Librarians and Repository managers, PHD Students, Policy makers and Funders, Project Managers, Research Administration, Researchers and Students
Level: Introductory: no previous knowledge is required

This course covers data protection in particular and ethics more generally. It will help you understand the basic principles of data protection and introduces techniques for implementing data protection in your research processes. Upon completing this course, you will know:

  • what personal data are and how you can protect them
  • what to consider when developing consent forms
  • how to store your data securel...
Intended audience PHD Students, Policy makers and Funders, Research Administration, Researchers and Students, Publishers, Librarians and Repository managers
Level: Introductory: no previous knowledge is required

Data-driven research is becoming increasingly common in a wide range of academic disciplines, from Archaeology to Zoology, and spanning Arts and Science subject areas alike. To support good research, we need to ensure that researchers have access to good data. Upon completing this course, you will:

  • understand which data you can make open and which need to be protected
  • know how to go about writing a data manageme...