Free workshops and a mini-symposium on use of open science tools in ecological and evolutionary research for ecologists, evolutionary biologists and interested data scientists.

The workshops are led by specialists from different biological, life science, and information science disciplines and cover a range of topics: reproducible analysis, data carpentry, archiving and sharing of software and algorithms, the use of available open science tools and services and more. The mini-symposium and workshops are freely admissible and especially the workshops are very well suited for PhD- and postdoctoral researchers.

When: 7 December 2017 – mini-symposium
8 December 2017 – workshops

Where: Amsterdam; the mini-symposium will take place at the historical Linnaeus Library of the Artis Zoo. The workshops will take place at the Amsterdam Science Park .…


Artis Zoo Amsterdam

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Organisers: NIOO-KNAW (Netherlands Institute for Ecology)


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