Building Open Science Capacity in HEI through mobility

Open Science has climbed on the EC agenda in recent years. It touches aspect from skills of future researchers to societal impact of public funded research, and conflict and synergies with standard practices for commercialization of research. The current draft of EC’s next multi-billion Research & Innovation funding framework, Horizon EUROPE, even dedicates an entire pillar to it, with the ambition to change research culture throughout.


On average, EC invests up to 100M EUR in Open Science and Responsible Research & Innovation (RRI) advocacy through Horizon 2020 Science with and for Society calls, each covering various aspects of best practices, advocacy and integration into the standard research process in Higher Education Institutions.


The 2018 round of ERASMUS+ Calls funded a number of Higher Education Institution (HEI) Capacity Building projects that offer opportunities for staff mobility and exchange of know-how specifically on implementation of Open Science and RRI (see portfolio of funded SWAFS project).


FOSTER+ Partners invite partners in the projects MINERVA (Strengthening Research Management and Open Science capacities of HEIs in Moldova and Armenia), ENREAC-HEI (Research and innovation, ICT - new technologies - digital competences, Entrepreneurial learning - entrepreneurship education), and “Modernising of Doctoral Education in Science and Improvement of Teaching Methodologies” to capitalize on the Open Science communities in the EU for potential staff exchanges in 2019.


Open Science is no longer just the area of expertise of research librarians. It can offer impact to researchers, Grants & Tech Transfer Officers, as well as HEI Administrators, but implementation may not always appear straight forward. As with most emerging challenges, using mobility to sharing knowledge across institutions may be the desired shortcut to avoid frustrations and duplication of effort.


H2020 FOSTER+ is Coordination & Support Action (CSA) assisting the implementation of EC Open Science policy priorities through training at all levels of the academic ecosystem. ERASMUS+ Staff Mobility candidates are welcome to contact FOSTER+ Partners to discuss institutional challenges with Open Science implementation and potential hosting for staff exchanges.


This blog post was written by Ivo Grigorov (DTU Aqua).