Governance of RRI is any form of coordination designed to foster and mainstream RRI within an organisation or in the interaction with other stakeholders. Govern R&I according to RRI principles: be inclusive, transparent, reflective and adaptive. (Definition from

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By  RRING project
Publication year: 2018  |  RRI  |  Governance
By  MULTI-ACT project
By  RRI-Practice Project
Publication year: 2018-2021  |  RRI  |  Governance  |  Institutional policies  |  Organisational change
By  The Responsible-Insdustry Project Consortium
Publication year: 2017  |  RRI  |  Organisational change  |  Institutional policies  |  Governance
By  Francesca Irene Cavallaro, Doris Schroeder, Han Bing
Publication year: 2014  |  RRI  |  Governance  |  Organisational change  |  Institutional policies