This conference is co-organised by the National Library of Latvia, University of Latvia and Riga Technical University and it the will take place in the framework of Open Access week. Its goals are to raise awareness of importance, benefits and impact of Open Access, Open Data and Open Science, to enhance awareness of decision makers of the necessity to formulate national and institutional Open Access policies and to introduce them with the best practice in Open Access policies, to introduce concepts and themes around Open Science to researchers and provide practical help in engaging with Open Access to research information, to inform researchers about Research Data Management policies and practices in research institutions, to develop skills necessary for publishing research publications in Open Access for librarians, focusing on the newly launched National Open Access repository service of the National Library of Latvia.
The conference will bring together both researchers and experts to gain knowledge

on Open Research Data, and policy makers to the discussion on the Open Access policy development in Latvia. The plenary session of the conference includes view on open and networked research as a driver for faster and wider innovation, presentation on open access policies and best practices and such an important issue for society of Latvian scientists - Open Access opportunities and solutions in Latvia and wider in Europe. Workshops aimed at three different audiences will take place on the second part of the Conference in parallel to encourage exchange of experience and best practice.

The first half of the conference will have a plenary format, and will consist of keynote speaches on:

  • EC Recommendation on Access to and Preservation of Scientific Information and EC Recommendations and Opening up Science
  • Open Access Policies and Best Practices
  • Challenges and solutions of Open Access to Research Data
  • Progress of Open Access in Latvia

    The second half of the conference will consist of four parallel workshops:

  • Workshop for policy makers and decision makers: The role of Open Access and its implementation practice in research institutions
  • Two workshops for researchers (one for humanities and social sciences researchers, one for natural sciences and technologies researchers): Discovering Open Practices for Early Career Researchers
  • Workshop for librarians: Publishing in Open Access

  • Contact information

    Māra Jēkabsone
    National Library of Latvia
    Phone: + 371 67716050

    Gita Rozenberga
    National Open Access Desk
    Phone: +371 67551286

    Daina Ostrovska
    Rigas Technical University
    Phone: + 371 67089850


    Open and Networked Research as a Driver for Faster and Wider Innovation
    Lauma Sīka Link 1  
    Open Access policies and best practices
    Iryna Kuchma Link 1  
    Open Access to Research Data: Challenges and Solutions
    Martin Donnelly Link 1  
    Progress of Open Access in Latvia
    Gita Rozenberga, Iveta Gudakovska, Ilga Rampāne Link 1  
    The Role of Open Access and It's Implementation Practice in Research Institutions
    Iryna Kuchma, Martin Donnelly


    National Library of Latvia 3 Mukusalas street Riga

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    Organisers: National Library of Latvia, University of Latvia, Riga Technical University
    Language: English, Latvian


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