Funders policies

Courses of actions adopted from organisations that supply money to researchers and research projects.


Parent Topic

Intended audience Policy makers and Funders
Level: Introductory: no previous knowledge is required

This is an introductory course for funders, and comprises:
• A general introduction to terms and operation of Open Access and Open Data.
• An exposition of demonstrable advantages of Open Access and Open Data for the funder’s remit.
• An explanation of the requirements of Horizon 2020 regarding Open Access and Open Data.
• An exposition of the PASTEUR4OA analysis of characteristics of successful policies and mand...

By  Clara Boavida
Publication year: 2015  |  Funders policies  |  Open Science Policies
By  Daniel Spichtinger, Jarkko Siren, Célina Ramjoué, Irina Reyes