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Les enjeux de l'open access

By  université d'Evry Val-d'Essonne  |  Open Access Definition  |  Open Data Definition  |  Intellectual Property Rights  |  Law  |  Licences  |  Text And Data Mining

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Essay contest

By  Veronicah  |  Knowledge Representation

There will be an essay contest where students will be assessed if they are able to deliver content…


By  Mouhamadou Ba, Robert Bossy  |  Reproducibility Guidelines  |  Analysis/experimentation

These presentations are the teaching material used for the face-to-face OpenMinTeD tutorial held duri…

Introduction to the OpenMinTeD platform

By  Martine Oudenhoven  |  Text And Data Mining

OpenMinTeD is an open and sustainable Text and Data Mining (TDM) platform and infrastructure where researchers can discover, collaboratively create, share and re-us…

Frequently Asked Questions on Creative Commons & Open Access

By  Creative Commons UK. (2017)  |  Text And Data Mining  |  Licences

This information guide contains questions and responses to common concerns surrounding Open Access, Creative Commons, and the publication of research. It is intende…

FutureTDM policy framework

By  FutureTDM  |  Text And Data Mining

A policy framework that the FutureTDM project recommends using for future TDM practices in Europe. It consists of a hierarchical model of principles and recommendat…

FutureTDM licences analysis

By  FutureTDM  |  Text And Data Mining  |  Licences  |  Legal Issues

The FutureTDM project developed a matrix, that considers several TDM licences of publishers and how their terms might affect your ability to carry out TDM acti…